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TRAORI without C-axis

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TRAORI is a powerfull great function. For AC-table mill machine keep workpiece point for any C and A angles. Good.
But I need to EXCLUDE C-axis from TRAORI, I need TRAORI for XYZA only. Is it possible?
I need "free" rotations for C-table.
I know, it possible for some millturn machines, they have TRAORI as a classic TRAORI, and TRANS4A for "TRAORI" without Caxis on main turn spindle. I need a same for AC-table machine.
May be I can create TRAORI2 function where "comment" C-axis.
If I can find solution I will show more interesting detailes.
I understand this question not for NX or postprocessor but for SIEMENS Sinumerik.


Or (it is independent question) - can I set Cutting Edge D1 for this MILL Machine not only with Z displacement (tool lenght), but with Y displacement and I want to control this point with TRAORI.


A lot of questions, hope for answers.....


Re: TRAORI without C-axis

I found a link from the Sinumerik Forums. Looks like the same question and maybe a solution.


Re: TRAORI without C-axis

I am not sure what traori settings are lately but this is out of a 10 year old manual. "Type" was the one that set the kinematic.



It was MD24100.


Windows 7 Pro

Re: TRAORI without C-axis

I think when you want to drop out a rotary - just zero out the following ones:


N24110 $MC_TRAFO_AXES_IN_1[3]=6
N24110 $MC_TRAFO_AXES_IN_1[4]=0

Windows 7 Pro

Re: TRAORI without C-axis

Thanks. I will test it.

Re: TRAORI without C-axis

Hi Yuri,


you have to define a chain in kinematic model where the exluded axis is not part of the kinematic tree. This means you have to select the part end axis, exluding the C axis for example. Below is a screenshot which shows it exemplarily on the sim08 kim.




2017-05-22 09_09_39-NX 11 - Machine Tool Builder - [sim08_mill_5ax.prt (Read Only) ].jpg

Re: TRAORI without C-axis

Thanks, Thomas! It will be useful to repeat on the CSE-model, but first of all I need to relaese it on the REAL CNC Machine...

Re: TRAORI without C-axis

I am certain if you build the Side by side "close" MCS-Tree (or whatever name) you can run the True "zero-post" from one... and then use the clone as to the OOTB MSC -ROT- CSYS- ETC..ECT... to grab a Cycle800 that can be pasted into the TXT for the CSE to show you the TRUE results on the Machine Tool... CSE Works....




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