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Ta6V pocketing toolpath

Hi everybody,


I would like to modify the toolpath of a titanium pocketing.

The strategy is as follow :


drilling a hole Ø59

roughing with helical mill Ø50

finition with mill Ø20


The toolpath of the roughing doesn't suits me (picture below), because engagement is not constant (the helical mill will break in the angle). I would like a "snail" toolpath in order to have constant engagement of the mill.

Anyone know which operation/option I should use to obtain this result?


Thank you in advance

(the program is in POCKETING_FAO.prt)




Roughing toolpathRoughing toolpath



Re: Ta6V pocketing toolpath

Hello @LaurentW


You don't mention what version of NX you are using?


I have access to NX11 and using Adaptive roughing think the below image is what you are looking for but this is not fully available until NX12 as I understand it?




You can using Trochodail and playing with the setting and using smoothing get a good toolpath but not what you are really looking for.



(view in My Videos)

I also tried a cheat using Hole Milling and then rest milling which I think is ok (ish) have a look at the below.



(view in My Videos)


Not sure if any of the above is what you were looking for but hopefully it may have been of use.


Have a good day.


Vericut 7.3,7.4.1,8.0.2

Re: Ta6V pocketing toolpath

Thanks Dave,


I'm working on NX10.0.3.


In fact the first solution is interesting.


I tried another solution, by cheating and use a larger pocket, reduce it by defining the real pocket as "check geometry". I used the operation "Fixed axis surface contouring", drive method "spiral".

I obtain something looks like what I want but it's still not perfect. I would like to have an option spiral + "add a finish pass" but looks like it doesn't exist.

May be I will try to concat 2 operations without retract/engage movement to finish the coutouring but I'm not very happy with that.




Re: Ta6V pocketing toolpath

This should be what you want!



Re: Ta6V pocketing toolpath

Yes it seems good, how did you do that?


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