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Teach Operation Sets and questions about it

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I want to understand difference between Operation Sets and Teach Operations.
I have read related documents, seen knowledge base videos. As i understand operation sets helps you make condition selections in an easier way.


With using Operation Sets, these are questions that I can't clarify by myself:
-When creating feature processes, will I be able to impose specific operation sets to user, so user won't need to select any sets (or only 1 set) from available operation sets?

For example, in case conditions match, user can only use MILL_TO_SIZE because of conditions, instead of available DRILL_TO_SIZE, MILL_TO_SIZE sets. In this case, will user still need to select MILL_TO_SIZE or can it be made automatic?
In other words, can it be made to work like rule based, just selecting MillDrill rules for all operations?
The goal here is to restrain user on standardized operations leaving no room for other options, while maintaining automation and use of new Operation Sets feature.


-If I use Operation Sets, will it cause me make repetitive work for defining operations that already defined in other Operation Sets?

For example, let's say i have customized my spot drilling for MILL_TO_SIZE and I did spent lots of work on it with MKE, will I need to do this again for DRILL_TO_SIZE with Operation Sets?


Sorry for bad quality of image, taken from tech tip video.


-Bonus, what are others experiences and thoughts on using Operation Sets?



In production NX 10.0.3 latest MP, testing 12.0.1


Re: Teach Operation Sets and questions about it

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



Teach operation sets will create regular FBM rules (just like the OOTB rules). The main difference is that it will created them from inside NX CAM and you don't need to work with the MKE. Your users can select the top level OperationSets library (like MillDrill ) and the Create Feature Process command will consider all sets defined under this library and automatically select a set with matching conditions (or the set with the highest priority if there are multiple sets that can be used). So user will not have to manually select MILL_TO_SIZE in your example. The software will select it automatically.



shared_rules.pngRegarding your question on the re-use of optimized spot drilling... Teach operation sets will "recognize" that your two spot drilling operations are the same (same tool; same operation settings) when you teach them together in a single session. In such a case, both operations will be highlighted even though you select just one and you will only have to define the conditions for your optimized spot drilling operation once.






Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development



Re: Teach Operation Sets and questions about it

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @TomvantErve,


I'm grateful for your detailed answer.


Thank you.

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