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Template Defaults being lost during updates?

When you install updates it over writes all the templates for all the tool path default settings that I changed. If I copy back over the old ones over the new ones will I lose functionality from the new update or does it not matter?


Just went from 10.0.0 to 10.0.1 and lost all my default settings for the tool paths.



Re: Template Defaults being lost during updates?

When ever you make templates its best to rename it to something other than the OOTB name, that way it won't get overwritten.


We customize a lot of things, so we actually make a copy of the resource folder and put it on our network and change the UGII_CAM_RESOURCE_DIR environment variable to look to the network location, that way when we update it leaves our templates and other customizations alone.



Re: Template Defaults being lost during updates?

What happens when I drag back the original mill contour or mill planar .prt from the 10.0.0 to overwrite the 10.0.1?

I have backups via Dropbox.

Re: Template Defaults being lost during updates?

I think it all depends on whether or not the update affected those templates, but I'll defer to someone who knows more on that.

Re: Template Defaults being lost during updates?

When you installed 10.0.1, nothing in mach\resource\template_part should have changed.

Updated template parts should be in mach\updates\template_part\...


There is a customer default that tells the system you want to use updated templates. When ON, the system looks in the updates folder first. When OFF, the system ignores the updates folder and only looks in resource.


So you can turn off the customer default and use your old templates, or leave it on to use the new templates.


Of course, if you want to use the latest operations, then you will need to merge your customization with the system's updated templates. I always recommend you start with the sysytem templates, and apply your changes there, to be sure you don't miss something new.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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