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Thread motion missing from post.


Attached are 2 screen shots from different posts. 1 post has the (lathe thread)on the motion page. 1 post does not. The post that does not, is a sub-post for a 6 axis turn/mill. i don't believe it being a sub-post matters though. My question, how do I get this (Lathe Thread) function into my i300 post? easy or not?Man Happy





Re: Thread motion missing from post.

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I think that event is shown (or not) depending on which machine tool type & controller you picked to create the post.


I'm not sure how hard it is to have it added so it is visible in Post builder.


But if you can figure out the tcl procs behind it, you can add them to your post (I would use a "Output Settings" -> "Other Options" -> "source user's tcl file" & create a file to source in, to add them, but this could also be done in a custom command using an "uplevel")


I believe you need to add (all this can be "stolen" from the post that has it):

- "thread move" block

- proc MOM_lathe_thread { } { ... }

- proc MOM_lathe_thread_move { } {...}

- proc PB_LATHE_THREAD_SET { } {...}

- definitions for variable mom_sys_lathe_thread_advance_type


Home this helps...

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Re: Thread motion missing from post.

Thank you so much for the response. I've done exactly that. "stole from the tcl and pui" Of one post for the other. This fixed/added the the motion window, I am up and running now. I did try creating a new linked post for this machine. Copied Main_Turn post, rename Main-Sub_Turn post removed G28 G91 W0. Then added new post in Main_Mill_Master_post in the linked post section. Then created a method called MS TURN. Conclusion, I'm over my head! Once again thank for the response.

Regards Paul

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