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Tips for High Speed Machining

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

In observance of this May being 'Mold & Die Machining Month' in the community, I thought it was appropriate to dig deep into our archive, dust off and share some of our more popular articles about the subject. A few years ago, Edwin Gasparraj, one of our former CAM experts (he has since left Siemens and is now with Six Digma LLC) was very active in die mold machining and penned these useful articles for Modern Machining Shop. Here they are for your reference:


In this article, Practical Tips For High Speed Machining of Dies and Molds, Edwin details the following 6 suggestions to achieve better machining performance:


1. Aim For Constant Material Removal

2. Stick To Z Levels

3. Know Your Controller

4. Shorter Tool Length is Better

5. Never Climb Straight Up

6. Interact With Your Tooling Designer


In Constant Material Removal: The Key to Hard Milling, Edwin explores the details of milling tool paths, tool size, tool engagement, and how shops can get more out their processes by consistently loading tools to optimum levels.


We also re-posted our practical approach to identify feeds and speeds settings for high-speed machining into the Tech Tips Knowledge Base for your reference.


If you haven't seen these before, hopefully you'll find them useful.


Do you have a mold & die machining tip or trick to share? If so, go ahead and post below.

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Aaron Frankel (Community Manager)

Re: Tips for High Speed Machining

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Good post, Aaron!

There are some really helpful points in these articles from Edwin. Some of them seem a bit obvious, but it is remarkable how big a difference it can make if they are overlooked.

As an example, just running a raster cut at 45 degrees over a drafted wall will reduce the severity of the plunges enough to speed up the whole cut.
Derek Hart
... if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!

Re: Tips for High Speed Machining

Great post and it's simply superb to read..

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