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Tool Axis - dynamic toolhandling

Hi all,


I'm trying to use dynamic toolhandling in the tool axis tab in operation planar mill. I was expecting to see the tool in the spindle and by moving the tool the whole machine moves along within the machines limits. This doesn't happen. Only by tilting the tool, I get a warning this isn't possible. I've seen examples where the tool is in the spindle and the machine moves along. I want to use this to check if the limits of my machine are reached in the operation.


Thanks in advance


Niek Eilering

Weir Minerals



NX10.0.3 MP11

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Re: Tool Axis - dynamic toolhandling

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Planar milling is not a multi axis operation, it is strictly fixed axis.

Best is to use one of the more recent operation types, like variable contour, which are true multi axis operations.

Floor wall should be supporting this in a better way too or cavity milling, which are better replacements for planar milling.

Check the example you have seen for the type of operation used.

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Re: Tool Axis - dynamic toolhandling

Be sure to turn on the Preference : Manufacturing > Visualization > Dynamic Machine Tool Positioning > [X] Dynamic Tool Axis.

You should be able to set the fixed tool axis in a planar milling operation using Dynamic, and see the machine tool position. To verify this, open one of the sim08 samples and edit one of the planar profile operations.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Tool Axis - dynamic toolhandling


I have a similar situation, except I am using fixed axis contour.  I made sure that Dynamic Tool Axis is checked in Preference : Manufacturing > Visualization > Dynamic Machine Tool Positioning.  My case is interesting because if I am in Dynamic and press ctrl+shift+U, the tool then displays. If I close the operation then re-open and edit the tool axis in dynamic, the tool is not displayed anymore. For some reason the tool is being hidden. If I open a tool in Operation Navigator - Machine Tool, the tool displays. If I run a simulation, the tool is displayed. What is even more interesting is that after I simulate an operation, then go back to edit the tool axis dynamicly, the Tool is displayed in dynamic. Then if i close the operation and reopen and edit the tool axis for dynamic, the tool is not displayed again. I can't figure out why it keeps hidding the tool. Any thoughts?

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