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Tool Mark




as you see in the below pictures ,I tried to do this simple pocket by different NX Strategy ,and still the TOOL MARK appeared in different shapes the cutting parameters are:




2-Feed Rate:250 mm/min


3-TOOL:3mm Diameter + 2 flute




Re: Tool Mark

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
This looks like a machine/fixture problem. What type of machine do you use? Are the axis in good conditions?
Is the workpart/tool proper clamped?
What type of material do you cut?

Maybe for a better surface finish you could copy your operation and give one operation (rough) some bottom stock. And then run the (finish) operation with "0" stock.

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Re: Tool Mark

PLM World Member Phenom PLM World Member Phenom
PLM World Member Phenom

I have see this when the material is not flat when your machiing.  The material will lift up when the tool / machine stops at the end of the cut/stepover.  Definitaly a process issue, not the tool path.  Creating a 2nd pass to finish the floor may help.  If the stock is not flat the problem will persist. 

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