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Tool Path Time in Minutes

Dear Sirs,


I would like to put the time (hh:mm:ss) into Program Sheet, as below picture

perhaps have other solutions that Tool Path Time in Minutes can show hh:mm:ss







Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes

Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes

Thank you so much, could you tell me where set this? 


Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes

I think I did not enough understand your post. According to your photo you use the shop doc based on Excel and unfortunately I do not know, it is a different way of making a shop doc, and i don't know this way .
With reserves , you must to edit your template with Excel, and in the cell " time " add "[expr...]" save and close .
In the old post the user had the same problem as you .
I had proposed, to edit the cell by changing the properties (no respons)
If I have an advice use shop doc based on html or based on postprocessor it's better

Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes

Thank you for your advise, but it cannot work on excel.

Is it possible to output time(hh:mm:ss) at POST?

Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes

You will always have to format the output on your own, you may find a Tcl command that helps you, but I think you will have to calculate seconds minutes and hours on your own and the use the format command to create the formatted output.

The Tcl syntax is based on ANSI C, so you should be able to handle it if you know any regular programming language.

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Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes

[ Edited ]

Yes, try to find "$mom_toolpath_time" in your tcl file and replace with :
First solution : a proc
Take Stefan's proc ( Look at the link of my first post)

[JH_make_time_string $mom_toolpath_time]

Second solution : (it is the same thing but less efficient)

[expr int($mom_toolpath_time / 60)]h \...


( i'm not sure if this solution work with tcl 8.2)

[clock format $mom_toolpath_time -gmt 1 -format %H:%M:%S]


Re: Tool Path Time in Minutes



Thank you so much,problem solved.Smiley LOL

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