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Tool Path Using Single Line Text

First I apologize as I'm not an NX programmer.  Our programmer is new to NX, so I'm trying to help out...


Is there options in NX CAM to create tool paths for text using a single line font or equivilant as opposed to actually machining the model's True Type font shaped extrude feature?  We'd like to just use a single line font as the center line for a tool path to engrave text into electrodes, while letting the cutter shape and depth create the cross section of the text.


If possible, could someone provide me with NX's terminology so I can better search for information to pass on?


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‎11-06-2015 10:23 AM

Re: Tool Path Using Single Line Text

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On basic engraving I just create a note:



Then the PLANAR_TEXT operation

Tool Path:




Re: Tool Path Using Single Line Text


Re: Tool Path Using Single Line Text

A couple more tips...

If the surface is not planar, use contour_text operation.

If the designers create drafting notes, and they disappear because of view dependency, have them use PMI notes instead.

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