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Tool library NX12



I have installed NX 12 without any customisation. I try to export a tool in the library. Now i get some error messages:


The first message is by exporting the tool:







But it creates the tool in the tooldateabase.dat


If i load from the library there will be this error displayed:







This is in NX12.0.0.27 MP2

I added the syslog


Thank you for your help Smiley Happy

Production: {NX MP18}
Testing: {NX}

Re: Tool library NX12

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

I just tested in my OOTB NX12 install ( in both INCH and MM setups and was able to create a tool, import, and withdraw. The only thing I can think of, are you are trying to use an older version of tool_database.dat instead of importing it into the current NX 12 version.

Re: Tool library NX12

Thank you for your answer.

I installed NX 12 new and everything is fine Smiley Embarassed


Wish you a nice week.


Production: {NX MP18}
Testing: {NX}

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