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Tool library missing NX


I recently updated to and for some reason when I go to insert a tool from library, I get a generic list of tools instead of the customized tool library that I set up. I checked the log file and toward the end it states that tool_database.dat was not found. We are running a custom enviroment and not having this issue on user's system that are running v10.0.1.4. Thanks in advance for any help.




Line 2416: &MACRO PROMPT_ENTRY tool_database.dat
	Line 2417: &MACRO !!! tool_database.dat was not found
	Line 2421: &MACRO PROMPT_ENTRY tool_database.dat
	Line 2422: &MACRO !!! tool_database.dat was not found



Win 7 64-bit


Re: Tool library missing NX

First thing to check - go to customer defaults, and turn off Manufacturing > General > Software Updates > Use Latest Updated Libraries. If this works, then your users are back in business, but  won't be able to retrieve new tool types from the library.


The contents of your customized library should be merged with the new tools in 10.0.3 on the fly when you search for tools to retrieve. If this did not happen, we would like to know why, as it could be a PR.


What kinds of library customization have you done?

Adding tools?

Modifying OOTB tools?

Modifying classification?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Tool library missing NX


Turning off that option worked.....I already submitted an IR. 


Thank you!



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