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Transitions between 5ax operations?



Is there a possibility or workaround to "connect" 5 ax operations (with the same tool) with paths along clearance geometry? Or is it possible it will be developed?


I know that in the end of operation we just retract spindle to some save position.

But you know...I think and customers too that it could save the time and why not when path is in the clearence geometry.


thank you for your reactions



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Re: Transitions between 5ax operations?

In theory you could NOT do the retract, and use a generic motion op between them.

But then you are responsible to keep it up to date as the operations change.


I'm not sure if the "bounding box" (or whatever) clearance can be used to generate the desired moves between operations?

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Re: Transitions between 5ax operations?

ofcourse,  it is working, but there is lots of work (remember start and end coordinates, creating paths)








But it would be great the paths would by generated by system and checked.


(For example planar operations dont work in multiple planes and you have to create multiple operations.

These transitions would improve it in some way.)






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