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Translationfiles with variable inside the text

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Valued Contributor



I have a question to the translation-files. If I have a MOM_display_message in PP then I write the text in English and in the File I:\NX10\LOCALIZATION\translations\german\libugmi_german_nlm.txt

I translate it into German. It works. But what's the syntax if I have a variable inside the text?


Example PP:


set return_value [MOM_display_message "Tool $toolname is not allowed.\nPlease choose another tool." "Error in Operation: $mom_path_name" "W" "Abort" "Still further"]


Example Translation-File I:\NX10\LOCALIZATION\translations\german\libugmi_german_nlm.txt



libugmi: src/ugmi/no/ind/sfsam_errors.c: 'Tool %s is not allowed.\nPlease choose another tool.' = 'Werkzeug %s nicht erlaubt\nBitte ein anderes Werkzeug wählen.'


This does not work. In other translations I saw the %s and I thought that this is the correct syntax.


Does anybody know how it works? Thanks a lot.



Production: NX12.0.2, FBM | TcUA
Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk

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