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Trouble creating new inspection setup using saved template.


In reference to the nx cmm inspection documentation, i created an inspection setup which i saved and tried to open. But i am unable to create new inspection setup while opening the similar type of part. It throws error, "Part is not currently loaded." And then everything disappear from templates. I am having hard time to figure it out. One alternative i followed is to directly open the inspection template part file from resource library and then add component to use in template. But i think this is not the right approach. Can someone please help me following the correct approach how to make it work. Is there any detailed description document available anywhere, in case if i am doing any mistake while creating template.




Re: Trouble creating new inspection setup using saved template.

Does your setup have a target component identified by attribute?


You should never open a setup template. Open the part to be measured, go to File New, and create a new setup using a template in the list. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Trouble creating new inspection setup using saved template.


Hey Mark,


Thanks for your quick response. I don't know may be i don't have an idea how to check for traget component indentification. Can you please elaborate more?


I followed what you said, but i am unable to because it says, "Part not currently loaded".


I'd like to point out what i did step by step.

1. Open an already built inspection setup part file. Save As a new template part file inside template_part folder inside resource library folder.

2. Click on LinkToPMI for generating automatic paths, features. Delete the model from this setup and delete what i don't want. Right click on every feature, inspection path from program order view, object->template setting -> check "Create if parent is created". Now save it again and close.

3. Goto custom startup folder where i've kept all custom .pax files, open any one make changes as per the name of the template i created, save as a new .pax file.

4. close and open NX again. Open the similar part file as it was present in inspection setup which was used to create template.

5. Click on new tab, and create new setup by selecting from window of all the templates. As soon as i do that, i encounter the same error as i mentioned in this post. I don't know what is wrong.


Note: As i was trying to figure it out, i also tried not to click on LinkToPMI option and then use the same approach but no solution till now.



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