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TurboMachinery with different blade size and angle

I need to do machining for different blade size and angle. Is NX turbomachinery module able to support this?Regards,

Edwindifferent blade.jpg

Accepted by topic author Edwin_DTS
‎01-04-2017 04:45 AM

Re: TurboMachinery with different blade size and angle

Yes Edwin, This is possible. in case there is a repetative pattern that can be represented by main blades and in between a sequence of splitter 1, splitter 2, splitter 3,.. you can define it this way and then you can select the finish for each splitter apart.

if there is no pattern - the interaction to the geometry selection is less straight forward than usual.

  • The Roughing and Hub Finish operation will need to have as "Blade" the two blades between which you want to cut. you can also select multiple blades at once.
  • For Blade / Blend finish operation you will have to select as "Blade" the blade you want to finish. adjacent blades from both sides - select as check.
  • always set the Number of Blades to be 1.
  • since every operation requires a different selection of certain geometries, I'd recomend to populate the Multi_Blade_Geom with the selections you do today, but do not select Blade an Blend. Nor select Check geometry. (don't forget to set the # of Blades to 1)
    • by doing so - each operation will allow you to populate the blades you want to work on or in between explicitly.

Try to use it this way and if you face issues - either contact me directly or if you think that the questions will interest others - post those here.


Good LuckSmiley Happy

Eddy Finaro
NX CAM Product Manager
Siemens PLM

Re: TurboMachinery with different blade size and angle

Hi Eddy,


It works. Thanks .


Best regards,


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