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Turning - orient insert in holder

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can somebody explain me how it works in NX? Smiley Happy

I have noticed som things.


*Angle of insert OA and holder angle HA are dependent on each other.

Is there a possibility to rotate insert without rotating the holder?

Tools L and R.

I found only user-defined holder accepted rotation of the insert independently to the holder angle.

Groving tool

has some other options to rotate insert independently to holder.


- Or it should wokt like that?

  You kow I am not into turning veru much.



Geometry of the insert cant be edited.

It is good this way?



Thread tool doesnt have holder.

Form tool doesnt have holder.



thank you your opinions

#♫ PB, 5ax, itnc, nx, vericut ♫ #

Re: Turning - orient insert in holder

Have you read the help? For example " Siemens Documentation: Tool Holder options

When you select User Defined from the Style list, the Lock Insert and Holder Orientation option is displayed


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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