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UDE governance of choices

Hi all,


Is it possibly to control what appears in a UDE drop down list based on other choices?


I have created a UDE for MEs to choose a tooling manufacturer from a drop down list.

Ideally I'd like a second list to open with products only from the manufacturer chosen in the first list??


Is this type of governnance at all possible?


Thanks in advance.

Craig Simpson.


Re: UDE governance of choices

I don't think UDE's ae capable of that, but it would be nice. I think people would try to create their own application or machine operation to do that.

Using NX

Re: UDE governance of choices

As far as I know, UDEs are rather primitive and cannot contain embedded "logic".

You could create a journal to "front end" the UDE (but the user can still edit the UDE manually and not have the "front end" logic).


Or else i(when posting) add logic to the tcl code and output error messages as appropriate if the user selects a conflicting set of options.


UDEs also can't reference stuff in the part (or in other UDEs) for logic either.

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Re: UDE governance of choices

UDEs capture input, but are not programs with logic.

For sure, and API program can do this.


What are you trying to do? IF you are serching, then the library system may be an option?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: UDE governance of choices

Hey Mark!


This part of the project I am working on is for Vericut on a G&L PT HBM.


Firstly I need the ME to select what spindle attachment brand to use, ITS or Cogsdill.

Then I need them to establish the type of attachment, CH8, ES20, etc.

Then the ME needs to select either a bar length, short, medium, long for ES20 or a pin position for CH8 CH16 etc.


From each of these choices I can post a relevant coding hidden in the NC program so that the machine tool will dismiss it, but it tells Vericut which 3D model to load into the simulation enviroment.


ie for 840D it would post -

N0010 TC("CH-16")

N0020 ; VC00102003


The coding breaks down as -

VC for Vericut

001 for ITS

02 for CH16

003 for pin position 3.


I hope this explains it?





Re: UDE governance of choices

I am not so much into UDE stuff, but you could maybe do the following:

Create an insert template with MILL_CONTROLs. One for each vendor. As start event insert the vendor specific UDE. Customize each MILL_CONTROL dialog and add the UDE to the UI.

When you need to decide on the machine and its UDE, you insert the corresponding MILL_CONTROL to the CAM part and choose the whatever you need to choose.


It is just an idea.

Best wishes,

In production NX D3

Re: UDE governance of choices

I mean 1 MILL_CONTROL for each vendor
Best wishes,

In production NX D3

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