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Using Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL)

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

We are looking into using the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL), to keep track of our tooling.  We use Kennametal, and I understand their catalog is available.


We use NX and Teamcenter, and In reading about the MRL, it can be used stand alone, or integrated with Teamcenter, but also sounds like a bit of a hybrid.

For smaller installations or those new to Teamcenter, the new MRL Connect for NX makes it possible for NX CAM users to connect directly to a standalone installation of the MRL without using all the capabilities of Teamcenter.

This provides a simple implementation for a cutting tool library with powerful search, view and retrieval capabilities across a full classification system.

My question regards which would be best for us?  


If we start out stand alone, can we progress to fully integrated, without starting over?


How much admin overhead does MRL require?  is that easier as a stand alone, vs. TC integrated?  


Tooling changes fairly quickly, how hard is it to do catalog updates?  any difference in stand alone v. TC integrated?


Are the docs available, so I can read up on it in more detail?

NX1867(if it had versions) | Teamcenter 11.6 | Windows 10

Re: Using Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL)

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

"MRL connect" is used to utilize the Teamcenter tool database with native NX.

There is usually no difference if you use MRL in a native or managed NX session.

With Teamcenter 10.1.6 it is also possible to manage feeds&speeds in MRL Smiley Wink

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Re: Using Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL)

The "standalone" MRL is still teamcenter, so since you already have TC, you have a place for MRL.


Kennametal tooling is available, but you need to request ISO 13399/GTC data directly from them. We have instructions on exactly what to ask for. 


If you have not seen them, be sure to look at these articles by @keinanm:

Generic Tool Catalog revolutionizes cutting tool data exchange

Do You Need To Make Digital Cutting Tool Catalogs Accessible From Any Application?


Another note on terminology... You don't retrieve tools directly from the "catalog". You use the catalog to assemble tools in your library, and tools are retrieved from there in to NX CAM.




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