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Vbulletin attachements

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Siemens Marketing,

Why does Siemens site say " Migration Complete!!"??

What happened to all the file attachments from Vbulletin? None are accessible! 

Also, like indicated by earlier thread on here, TCL codes are missing from many vbulletin threads...

Cleary, the switch from the Vbulletin to LIthium HAS NOT been very well thought out...thus the mess we the customers have to deal with and delays it will cost us!...

Total insanity!!!!


bbs migration.png

NX MP12 | PB | NX11.0.2.7 MP13 | PB 11.0.2 | VERICUT 7.3.4

Re: Vbulletin attachements

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, Kal.   The community team is looking at attachments.  I'll keep you posted. 

Derek Hart
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