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Vendor tool retrieval

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If NX is ever going to create a user interface, through the tool navigator to link with the cloud.

I believe the software vender who can implement a plug and play interface where the specific digital tool data file from a vender from the cloud, is loaded into a Specific Operation Template (drag and drop file interface) into the tool creation interface.

The Navigator digital data tool Interface would propagate the digital data from the vender file into NX (using Tool - Create New or Edit / Display) populating the operation navigator fields within operation tool templates (using existing or a new template operations) in NX.

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Re: Vendor tool retrieval

This is what the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) is all about - using vendor tools in NX. If you search MRL there are several discussions and Tech Tips on this.

In MRL, the tool engineer and NC programmer are roles. The NC programmer does not retreive directly from the vendor catalogs. The NX tool engineer retrieves the vendor data, and assembles tools for NX CAM users to retrieve. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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