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Re: Vericut in NX

Do you guys have instruction to set up Vericut integration in NX12 even NX1847.?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Vericut in NX

PLM World Member Legend PLM World Member Legend
PLM World Member Legend
Look in the Vericut documentation.
Here's the link for a default installation of version 8.2.1
Patrick Delisse
KMWE - Aero Engine
NX 12.0, TC 11.2, CAMPOST V22, Vericut 8.2, TDM 4.8
C#, VB, .NET

Re: Vericut in NX

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Vericut Icon  does not automatically apper in the manufacturing menu in 11 and on.    It is in the menus when you have done the installation correctly, but you need to customize the location.   Customize, Commands, All commands,  search for Vericut and then put it where you want it. 


Or the CTRL ALT V combination will bring up the interface when installed also. 

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