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Verify Tool Path Layer

So I am working with legacy files from other programmers and trying to run Verify Tool Path on existing paths. The programmers and I use Model Views and Layer Visible In View to control visibility.


My question is why is the Verify Tool Path tool and path display set to a layer and how do you change this? For example, I have geometry on layers 30-40 for an operation butfor the toolpath to display and verify I have to make layer 70 visible to see it.





Re: Verify Tool Path Layer

The path does not have a layer. In some cases, solid tool asemblies can have a layer. 

Are you saying the tool path is not visible if certain layers are off? If so, please provide some more information, or contact GTAC.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Verify Tool Path Layer

Try doing a file>utilities>part cleanup. Select 'clean manufacturing objects.' Backup your file 1st.
Production: NX MP2 Primarily CAM

Re: Verify Tool Path Layer

Hey Mark,


I found out what the issue is. The video ink below explains what I found. It turns out that the Work Layer was not visible in Layer Visible in View. Let me know if you think this is working as advertised or I should report an IR.


Once I get this project done I will be asking a lot of customization questions to write a C# app to capture and restore work/display states, that is if the API is deep enough to allow that. In my opinion there is a more efficient workflow than NX provides out of the box.


Thanks for your help!



Re: Verify Tool Path Layer

That sounds like it is working as expected. Having the work layer invisible means you do not want to see anything created, and that must include temporary display. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Verify Tool Path Layer

I agree that appears to be the logic behind how it works but I don't think toolpath display should be associated with layer display as you stated in your first response to my initial question.


I will submit an IR with hopes it gets an ER.



Re: Verify Tool Path Layer

Try to avoid the use of layer-visible-in-view. This function only makes sense in drafting. In every other application it's a big annoyance.
Patrick Delisse
KMWE - DutchAero
NX11.0, CAMPOST V22, Vericut 8.0

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