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Verify Tool Path / Simulate Machine !


Just want to understand from Siemens. On a CNC 3 axis machine, the Part is moving on X, and Y direction, and the Tool on Z direction. So why this is not happening in NX Tool Path Simulation ? Because only the Tool is mooving around the Part ! But if I get this, then, what is the big deal on Machine Simulation ? Why whould you bring a Machine in background, a cartoon machine, and do again Tool Simulation, because only the Tool is mooving. I believe, to call it "Machine Simulation", the Part should move X and Y and the Tool on Z...In machine cartoon, there is shown even a Carousel Tools ? For what ? 


Re: Verify Tool Path / Simulate Machine !

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If you are using Verify Tool Path, then only the tool moves around the part as you say. However, if you are using Simulate Machine, then there are multiple options for which pieces of the simulation are moving and which are stationary. Go into the Simulation Settings of the Simulation Control Panel and you will see that there is a Stationary option that allows you to decide which piece stays put. Selecting Earth should allow you to see what you are asking for here, which is seeing the part move in X and Y around the tool, and the tool moving up and down with the spindle. Selecting Part will allow you to see the machine and tool move around the part. Finally, selecting tool will move the machine and part around the tool. Which option you want is up to you. I suggest you start with the Earth setting.


As for the carousel, this is used for collision checking if the machine was built correctly. The tools you selected will hang in the carousel just like on the real machine, and when there is a tool change the simulator carousel should move toward the spindle and change the tool. The purpose for this is to help detect collisions for low hanging tools in the carousel with either the part or the fixturing.

Re: Verify Tool Path / Simulate Machine !

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I just tested my machine simulation and it is doing what the original post talks about.  The "Simulate Machine" icon is never active.    The machine comes in when installed with the post, no errors in the log file.  These machines were setup in NX 7.5.  Currently we are nx10.0.3. Looking over the setup instructions, the post has changed how VNC data is stored, now a separate file. 


There may be new/different setup configurations for Machine sim to work properly now. 


Going thru GTAC to see what Machine Sim setup differences are now.  

Re: Verify Tool Path / Simulate Machine !

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
After further review...
TOTALMACH will run simulation, lesser licenses will not. They allow you to import the machine, but the simulation Icon never activates. If you have multiple license levels for CAM, TOTALMACH is needed for Machine Simulation.

Re: Verify Tool Path / Simulate Machine !

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Or you buy the machine simulation add-on, which you can share between the lower license levels.

To see if a license supports machine simulation search for isv, if you find isv_full, you are able to simulate machines.

If you only find isv_mtb, then you can just run Machine Tool Builder and load a machine.

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