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Virtual NC Kernal documentation/tutorials

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Are there any recommended tutorials/help documents on how to setup and utilize the VNCK? Can the VNCK be run independently from NX CAM's machine simulation ?


I did look through the included documentation (VNCK_reference, etc.) and the online help documentation.


Re: Virtual NC Kernal documentation/tutorials

The VNCK runs together with the NX Simulation in the "Virtual Machine" as part of the ISV (NX CAM simulation package). These solution usually is provided together with a machine tool OEM and the customization is done by the OEM related to the specific machine tool.



Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Betreff: Virtual NC Kernal documentation/tutorials

Yes, it's possible to run the VNCK idependently from NX CAM.


Siemens AG provides workshops on how to use the VNCK with a basic GUI and how to program your own applications using VNCK-API.

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