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Waterjet with NX?

NX 9, Tc 10


I don't see a water jet option, but NX will do wire edm.  


Is it possible to use the wire edm package, to program for a water jet?


Has anyone done this successfully?


How about nesting parts? 






NX 11 | Teamcenter 11 | Windows 8.1

Re: Waterjet with NX?



I have done such a machine with normal 3-5-axis milling operations. Also ther is a Post and CSE-Simulation for this machine




Re: Waterjet with NX?

I have a postprocessor for ABB WaterJet robot. All toolpath from NX CAM - PLANAR, FIXED, VARIABLE. I have one interesting feature, may be will be interesting for you - I can calc thickness of material under jet and change robot velocity as function of thickness..

Re: Waterjet with NX?

I have ABB Water Jet robot. NX CAM for toolpath generation, PLANAR, FIXED, VARIABLE..

I have some interesting feature in my post - I can calc robot velocity depends on material thickness..



Re: Waterjet with NX?

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Excuse me, I sent this message twice.. But - this message was saved as Autosaved Drafts and - I have pushed POST button.

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