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What can happen in Post ...

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Valued Contributor



For your information what happend with a Post in our company:
We have an UDE to bring Text-Informations into the NC-File, I know in NX10 there is a better way ;-)
In this Text-Information there was a ´-Sign (B4 in Hex) because of a typing-error.
After posting this NX crashed in NX8.5. 

After posting this in NX10 everything was good.
The only thing that I saw in NX10-LOG-file was this:


=a N=4e 0=30 0=30 1=31 0=30 =20 (=28 G=47 M=4d 4=34 7=37 0=30 5=35 /=2f 0=30 1=31 -=2d 0=30
3=33 -=2d 9=39 3=33 -=2d 1=31 ,=2c =20 2=32 ,=2c =20 G=47 E=45 H=48 -=2d D=44 I=49 X=58 5=35 6=36
0=30 -=2d 2=32 A=41 )=29
that means every single sign in the NC-file was listed in Hex-Format:
N0010 (GM4705/01-03-93-1, 2, GEH-DIX560-2A)


Today I only know one Post in our company with this behavior, the other Posts write this sign into the NC-File without scruple.


I know a way to replace the sign bevor the output with the command:
regsub -all "´´" $text "" text
so everything is good ;-)


Perhaps some users had the same problem.




Production: NX10.0.3, FBM | TcUA
Development: VB.NET, Tcl/Tk | Testing: NX12.0

Re: What can happen in Post ...

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

Hello Werner,


We had this error with the most recently version of NX, NX10.0.3 mp1


I don´t know if there was any corrupt library but we reinstalled NX to solve.


Best regards,

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