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What does mean this Warning about compensation during set machine origin (z axis)

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Warning: Witout compensation inserted at origin coordinate of depth axis tool length is not associated.


This message appears to me when I enter the value of the last axis, zeta axis, when I determine the values ​​of the origin of my machine. X and Z. Form Origin

The machine has a compensation value of 11.3386, so instead of entering, when I determine the origin, 0, 0, 0, I should put 0, 0, 11.3386.
If I determine my origin as 0,0,0, when running the program the machine detects its position in 0,0, 11,3386

When I enter, entering 0, 0, 11.3386 the source remains as 0, 0, 0 for the program with the saved compensation and then the G code has no problems and should not be edited. Up to this point all good.

Can someone validate me that this procedure is correct?

I am looking for the best practice and I would like to only put 0, 0, 0 because sometimes the operator forgets to enter this 6 digit number because the origin set is slow and must be done before each program ..

Can I enter this offset with the post builder to change all the Z values ​​of my g-code?



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