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What is the status of convergent models in NX CAM?

I am currently using NX10 and just recently installed 11.  I read about convergent modeling and using it in manufacturing and it peaks my interest because our company has to utilize facet body on occasion so I have a few questions for the community.  Will we be able to use them in NX CAM for traditional tool paths?   Are convergent models valid machining geometry in NX11.0.0 or will it be available in a MR?  Will we be able to convert convergent models to solids?

NX 12.0.2

Re: What is the status of convergent models in NX CAM?

Currently, you need to convert the convergent bodies to facet bodies to machine them in CAM. We are considering direct selection of convergent models for CAM. What are the common use cases?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: What is the status of convergent models in NX CAM?

We could use it for designing molds, programming cutting paths for soft and hard cavity and core inserts as well as graphite electrodes.  Currently we use facet bodies along with solids but they are disjointed; completely seperate from each other.  The ideal situation for us would be the convergent model output retaining the prismatic and B-surface faces from the original solid and the facet regions to be converted into B-surfaces.  Finally, the ability to use them in drafting would be the icing on the cake.  Smiley Wink   Occasionally I include facet bodies in drawings but they are so messy to draft with that I simply use some section curves to represent the part.  A convergent model with B-surfaces would work so much better.  We do not have a lot of this type of work but convergent modeling would be useful in those cases.


I am aware drafting does not support convergent models but I tried anyway.

  Image 2.png

Here is a simple example of a 25mm x 25mm edm electrode, convergent modeled. 

Image 1.png

I have IR's 7867513 and 7867539 for requesting information.

NX 12.0.2

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