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Where to define UGII_CAM_CSE_USER_DIR

Hello everyone.

I've been facing a problem to define UGII_CAM_CSE_USER_DIR variable.

Because, in my setup, i put the post processor to write to_ini.ini in the ENV variable ( cse_driver\subprog\to_ini.ini), and i'm calling the file in the ini file from the part. and i have a question where i can define this variable.? ( in the .dat file, or en env.dat? 



Accepted by topic author marcoarsilva
‎04-03-2017 04:55 PM

Re: Where to define UGII_CAM_CSE_USER_DIR

You can define it in many ways, as long as it is defined before NX starts. I use a ugii_env.dat file in the start-in folder, but you could also use a .bat file or define it in Windows. If you are new to this, look at this video at the 08:15 mark. 

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Where to define UGII_CAM_CSE_USER_DIR

Hello @MarkRief . Thanks for your advice.
i just saw a little time ago. My specific problem was with where is the best plance, but now, everything are ok

Thanks for the fast answer.


Marco Antonio R. Silva
Siemens PG SU Brazil

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