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First of all, I have never used NX so a few questions.


My company uses NX in all kind of segments and so also for furnitures. My job as a cnc programmer is to start from ex. ready drawn drawer with everything included hinges, locks... and take out the wooden parts to be milled. For several years been working with Mastercam so I know what I have but do I gain anything switching to NX cam? One big plus would be working and sharing the same environment as the designers but what else?


- I would like to nest the parts of same thickness on sheets for faster cutting

- Importing presaved toolpath operations for easier programming

- Some sort of "explode" to disassembly a whole 3d model

- A function wich allows you to click anywhere on the ready toolpath

  and insert "tabs" (mastercam) This helps smaller parts to be held in place

  as in my case alot of parts been placed onto same program. Afterwards the 

  can easily be broken loose by hand.


Almost all videos are made for complex, one off milling and usually in metal. Any woodworkers out there

using NX cam for simple plywood milling?





Re: Woodworking

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Gears Esteemed Contributor



To answer some of your questions

1) "Explode" assembly - it depends on how designers set up CAD parts.  If each "board" is a separate part, just add the parts you want to your CAM part & position appropriately.  CAM part can have the blank (piece of plywood) pre-defined.  You'll have to keep track of thickness on your own.

2) I don't recall any "nesting" software in NX.  IIRC, at one time they had some partners who did this.  The sheet metal guys may be able to answer this better.

3) operation templates - ("importing presaved...") these can be set up customized to how you need them (I would suggest creating your own rather than modifying the "as installed" files)

4) Tabs - can be added to the CAM part model (you can WAVE link the engineering part solid into your CAM part & modify there, or just add them as separate solids and define as "check" geometry).  If it ends up being cumbersome to add them one at a time using "out of the box" features, you could define a UDF (user defined feature) to simplify their definition (i.e. is tab on front face, back face, or middle of thickness?)


Look thru the section on CAM customization in NX to get ideas:


If you want to share these settings among several NC programmers, look in the "NX Customization & Programming" forum for the "NXcustom Utilities" thread (pinned to top) - download and look thru the one appropriate to your NX version:


Hope this helps...Ken



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