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Words linked in Post Builder

For some reason in the Word Summary table some of the words are linked. If I change the number of Integers for N or if I check any of the boxes such as Leading zeros, a couple of other words change with it. Most improtantly S. So if I want to have my N have 4 digits with leading zeros (N0010) then my spindle speed changes accordingly so instead of S400 I get S0400. Its not a big deal, but I'm just curious if this is by design or if theres a way I can edit them independently. Mainly so if I make an edit in the future to a certain word, some other random word doensn't change along with it since some of our machines require a certain amount of digits for certain adresses.

NX 10.0.2 PB 10.0.2

Re: Words linked in Post Builder

You can always make a new word my_S and assign a format to it or create your own format as well.

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Re: Words linked in Post Builder

If you edit a word, look at the "format" item.

What is probably happening is "N" and "S" share the same format (e.g. "Digit_4")

You can either...


NC Data Definitions tab -> Word tab -> Select word -> Click on "New" in "format" area -> give it a name & set how you want



NC Data Definitions tab -> Format tab -> click on "Create" -> name and set up as desired

then in NC Data Definitions tab -> Word tab -> Select word -> Select that format in the drop list in the "format" area


You can also set other places as well.

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Re: Words linked in Post Builder



That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!

NX 10.0.2 PB 10.0.2

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