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Wrong Post Process Output (Sinumerik 840D) - Drilling Operation


Hey Everyone,


While post processing drilling operation, the X & Y coordinates is being wrongly output. Also, C & A rotary components is not outputing correct transformation position. Please see file attachment (Drilling_upside_down_G55_ROT.txt) & (Part_Dimensions_MCS_G55_view.png). 


And when ROT MCS in MCS_G55 plane is not used, it outputs correct rotary component transformation positions but again wrong X & Y coordinates (Drilling_upside_down_G55_NO_MCS.ROT.txt)


When the same operation is drilled as shown in the attachment (Drilling_Normal_G54__MCS_ROT.png), it outputs correct coordinates. And C & A rotary components, it outputs correct transformation positions. Please see file attachment (Drilling_Normal_G54__MCS_ROT.txt).


For part dimensions description, please see file attachments (Part_Dimensions_MCS_G55_view.png) & (Part_Dimensions_MCS_G54_view.png). The drill hole on part is inclined by angle -2 degrees, please see the attachments (Front Section View_MCS_ROT.png).


Q1. How to fix this, to output correct coordinates & rotary components positions when drilling in MCS G55 plane as shown in pic (MCS_ROT Plane G55.png). 



NX12 MP5. 

Post Processor: Modified version of Sinumerik 840D that comes with NX installation. 

Operation Template: Hole Making (Drill)


Please let me know if you need more information on this.


Thank You

Kind Regards

Sourabh G

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