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XZC Post with B along Y

Has anyone made a post with a horizontal mill with a right angle set vertical and tried to drive the B axis? I have tried using the lock axis post logic - but am not having luck with situations with long linear segments (I would have to interpolate them - break them up.) XZC seems to be set up to only work in XY plane. NX will handle the linear interpolation with this kinematic - I had hoped to be able to use a plane other than XY.

Windows 7 Pro

Re: XZC Post with B along Y

In my underneath digging - I see that starting with MOM_linear_motion (at highest level) there are a lot of differences in code to handle XZC mode (in the template post.) The new approach of on the fly kinematic switching in a single post would have to include switching/adding some routines. Maybe this is why linked approach was chosen years ago. Another big project (it seems.) I would have preferred to see lock axis code handle this extra capability of XZC (LINEARIZE_MOTION.) I need to be able to get XZC like ability in any plane a table rotary is squared up to. The machine tool builder tells me that siemens "TRANSMIT" is not an option.

Windows 7 Pro

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