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Z level profile


In z level profile operation dialogbox, in path settings group, in cutting parameters dialogbox, connections tab, I don't know why there is not any spiral or helical options in between levels. 

How is it possible for the tool to move on the helical curve on vertical walls.




Sina Shojaee

Re: Z level profile

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Best is to use staggered ramp on part, full helical movement is not implemented for this level-based operation.

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Re: Z level profile

As stated above, Ramp on Part and Staggered Ramp on Part do exactly this - move gradually from one level to the next. Hover over the options and the tooltip pictures will show the difference.


If you want a real helical path - i.e. without levels, then - then use streamline. If the cut area forms a closed shape, then the Helical or Spiral cut pattern is available.

Mark Rief
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