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ZLevel avoid hole


By default Zlevel sees holes in the solid and it automatically creates approach and retracts moves to avoid the hole.  How do I get zlevel to avoid that and ignore the hole? If I posted in the wrong area of this forum, my apologies, this is my first time posting here.


Re: ZLevel avoid hole


One good cheater move would be make a linked body

use synchronize modeling to delete the hole


Another option is to use patch opening

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Re: ZLevel avoid hole

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Siemens Phenom

with modeling it is easy to patch holes. the challange used to be that the surface(s) used as cut area in the current operation must have been subset of the part geometry group. including it in the part in late stage of the programing would cause the other operations, already generated, to get a red flag, and other operations expected to go in those holes would be identified as gouging.


In the recent versions of NX12.X we borke this prerequisite, so the part within the workpiece is the actual target you want to get (and gouge check against) and any operation can use "technological surfaces" as part of the cut area definition that are not necessarily subset of the part.


A good reason to upgrade your NX versionSmiley Happy  

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Re: ZLevel avoid hole

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Valued Contributor

Hi @ngmatt , 


I attached an example part, have a look at operation details.

I used a simple surface to avoid hole which i created with Patch Openings command and after i defined it to Workpiece. Also, select the surface in the operation too.






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Re: ZLevel avoid hole

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Solution Partner Creator
Hi, Another trick is extract geometry, but sometimes extracted surface need to be healed before set as part or cut area. Hope this will help. Maryadi PT.Mitra Makmur Teknologi

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