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about postprocessor 4 axis

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Hi everybody


I am using NX 9.0.3 Mp6 . I want to create postprocessor 4 Axis .  My machine is limit X 1500 mm Y100 mm Z 1500mm  and  C axis( rotate on X-Y plane)  on table .   Iwant to machine part ( see in attach file ) but in Y axis it overlimit  . I want to use C axis to rotate part in X axis for machining  . I have to create postprocessor 4axis  and input limit in .  but the G code is output Y axis overlimit ( C axis not rotate )  . How to create postprocessor for this case ?



Thank you 


Re: about postprocessor 4 axis


You will probably want to look at XZC post kinematic for that motion. In that - you will just put out Y as zero. I would switch on the fly from XYZC to XCZ in one post based on (probably) a ude setting.Another option is to try "Lock Axis" ude - but the post will need interpolated points (instead of the long linear motion NX will send.) You can do this various ways in NX. Still another option on some controls is to have the control convert the motion (siemens - TRANSMIT.)

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Re: about postprocessor 4 axis

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

If you only need to repositin  the C axis once per operation (rather than having to continuously reposition as you cut) you can also use the "Rotate" UDE.  I suggest setting to

- CAxis

- Absolute

- None (rotation direction)

- angle you need

- check the "reference only" / "rot ref" option


But play around a bit to see what works.

With my millturns w/ Y axis (e.g. Integrex type machines) what I do in my seed part is set up a sketch with the XY axis limits, with a "C angle" expression to rotate the limits "box" (or whatever shape it is).  User can replay the toolpath, then edit the expression to see if any C angle will cause the path to be completely inside the limits sketch.  Then they know (a) if it can be done with the Y axis, and (b) what angle to use for the Rotate UDE.


Hope this helps.

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Re: about postprocessor 4 axis


Yes - I missed that you just want to position the C axis so that the cut fits in the Y travel - forget driving it (if that is the case.) for situations where you have a profile to cut continuously and can't preposition to cut the entire thing with the travel of Y you have - my comment above applies.

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