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adjusting kinematics

Good day,

I'm adjusting the postprocessor MILL_5_AXIS_SINUMERIK_ACTT_IN to work on our machine,

But I had the problem of not being able to adjust the settings of our machine is 3 + 2 ie not simultaneously move the 5 axes, 3 simultaneous and two positioning, so in settings Sinumerik 840D I'm clearing the transformation of axes.  Screenshot 1.



The machine has a cinematic like  Screenshot 2.


Has the following offset, Screenshot 3


I have the problem that they are not the coordinates of the code generated by the kinematics of the machine,

A simple example, machined face and chamfer square bar 0.5 ". Screenshot 4


I defined three coordinate systems. Screenshot 5


The code does not correspond to the part zero defined in the last MCS,

Thanks in advance for your support

Thank you


Re: adjusting kinematics


Do you have a machine defined (built in machine tool builder - shown in Machine Tool Navigator tab?) I would have to test - but it seems that since you are using a sim example - there probably is one. The postprocessor may be pulling it's kinematic legs from that - and ignoring your offsets in the postbuilder interface (which set mom_kin... variables in the TCL.) Unfortunately - I haven't experimented with this for quite a while - as I do my own kinematic math in posts. Take a look at the settings in PB_CMD_revise_new_iks - setting mom_kin_iks_usage to zero may disconnect the machine model and it's junctions.

As far as using a CSYS Rotation special output - it is intended to issue a ROT accordingly. If you are using traori - you may want rotations but it doesn't seem that is what you are after.

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Re: adjusting kinematics

Thanks for your answer,


How do you do your own cinematic?




Re: adjusting kinematics


By "my own" I mean I use the rotary positions from NX (usually) and use mom_mcs_goto and math to make mom_pos before used in output (in PB_CMD_before_motion.) There is code out of the box that does this as well. An example of the math can be found in PB_CMD_auto_3D_rotation. Matrix math support routines are found in ugpost_base.tcl and can be used in any post.

I would not say that it is ever necessary to do this. I have found this approach to be an advantage for situations where programmed rotations are on and off. For your situation - I think that once you get the legs for rotation centers to be seen by NX kinematic for Table/Table - you should get good output.

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