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corner control in Contour Profile


Our programmers tend to prefer sequential mill for 5 axis flanking. Despite the fact that it can't do everything SM can do, I use contour profile myself whenever possible. There is one area though that has become a real issue. When programming hard metal we're trying implement a "no sharp corner" policy regarding center line motion, which means when using larger cutters we have to be able to insert fillets from the cutting parameters. This ability, along with circle feed compensation and slowdown has been available in Planar, Cavity and Sequential mill since I can remember, but is not in Contour Profile. Another "benefit" of this: when using multiple passes to approach a corner, whatever curvature might be there in final pass, collapses to a sharp corner in earlier passes. We're on NX8.5, I've checked NX9 and found the same (nothing).

CP no fillets.PNG






Re: corner control in Contour Profile

For feed compensation, I would use feedrate optimization. It's based on the actual material removal rate, unlike the older slowdown techniques.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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