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cycle97 sinumerik

Dear all

I am using NX 10.2.6 mp3. I have create post builder use libary siemen turn 840d. I create thread operation . When I post process it output g33 for thread . I want to output cycle97. How to do it?

Thank you

Re: cycle97 sinumerik

Hi, I have the same challenge here and trying to output CYCLE97 out of a 840 turning post. I can see the macro and all the flaging however I am unable to get the post to output the cycle.


Did you manage to make it work and if so, how?


Any leads would be greatly appreciated



Re: cycle97 sinumerik

Right.. pls ignore this. It makes things easy when you click the "Machine Cycle from Post" check box in the machine control. All sorted, posting and cycling threads now!!

Just need to find a way to make it work in the Machine Simulation. Getting a whole lot of errors at this end

Is cycle97 implemented in CSE? I do not have machine configurator to confirm. Help!

Re: cycle97 sinumerik

[ Edited ]

Cycle97 works with cse. The ootb sample Sim09 uses this cycle.

You have to take care about the machine data. Take a look into the sim09_mill_5ax-Main.ini file


Re: cycle97 sinumerik

thomasfeind wrote:
.... Take a look into the sim09_mill_5ax-Main.ini file


Top quality. That worked instantly, thanks Thomas.


This CSE is a marvel! Getting flawless and reassuring nc output is one thing, having the correct sim motion makes it something else! Above perfection, nice work Siemens'Studio

Re: cycle97 sinumerik

Nice to hear and thanks for your feedback! :-)

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