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define travel axis- post builder


Hello all,


There is a open issue for me regarding preparing the post for the 5-simultaneous milling machine and 5-axis turning machine(Multi-axis).


We have DMG MORI HSC 55(5 axis-simultaneous milling) and its travel limit for X=450,Y=650, Z=460 mm. For A=-10/+110 and C=0-360

Then i need to define these values in the below picture circled area, Am i right?


For the 5-axis turning (NTX2000) and its travel limit for Y axis is from -125 to +125, then i need to define to the circled area 250 mm. in the post-builder.Am i right? 


Can anyone help me about these questions, it will be great favour for me.


Thanks all.



Re: define travel axis- post builder

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom


define only A and C ranges.

There is no need to set travel limits XYZ


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Re: define travel axis- post builder

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

As it stands today, NX/Post does NOT track the travel limits of linear axes; nevertheless, it does check the limits of the rotary axes, as Juraj indicated. The numbers you specified with a post in Post Builder, actually don't bear any significance.


On the other hand, the travel limits of the linear axes specified with the kinematics of a machine tool model would come into play during the simulation.  However, the warnings or errors would have come too late, since the rotary solutions might have been determined incorrectly already, which could have been altered otherwise.

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