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Re: dmg cycles nx12.0.2.9

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Thx a lot for the help

Re: dmg cycles nx12.0.2.9


@ToonVdK , have been the hole milling cycle working in 1847 or 1851 already?


I restarted the topic because this is a very interesting cycle. Now all days I've been putting these cycles in Hole Making, it is not good for the NX process, but in the production these cycles are better to minimize time in big holes machining. Here we are doing threads with these cycles too.


I asked you because I'll propably install the 1851 to test in the next weeks.

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NX 12.0.2 mp11

Re: dmg cycles nx12.0.2.9

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Hi MarcoL,


I have redirected your request to the Product Manager ((a main portion of ) Canned hole milling is already available in1847 but is "hidden" as preview).





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