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eccentric turning

Can i get any help for this attached eccentric turning part. not used eccentric turning.


Re: eccentric turning

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So do you want to do excentric turning?

Turning is XZ,

And for excentric turning you have to control X by some function or by generation each point of shape.

In NX turning it is impossible I think.


First you have to know NC code you need.What your amchine need for such case.


If your machine wants XYZ C - you can do it by some mill multiaxix operation with postprocessor for this kinematic.




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Re: eccentric turning


Is this how they programmed the operation at 5:20?



Re: eccentric turning

Excentric Turning possible for some model CTX CNC Machines, not for all. And you need special CYCLE for it.

Re: eccentric turning

Or maybe there exist some cycle, or some trailing axes with functions, ...

ALso there can be generated XYZ and C a 5axis oepration and in spindle is loaded lathe tool.


But in turning in nx it generates just XZ. I think there is no automatic way.

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