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error in NX Enviroment



this is the first time that I use the Manufacturing Enviroment on NX. I have a block of solid material from which I want to extract, using a milling operation, a specific geometry. I'm following a tutorial. I set proper the first operation of rough milling.

Then I need to set a new operation of Semi-Finishing milling, based on the geometry obtained by the rough milling. To do this, I created a new operation then I click on "Cutting Parameters", on "Containment" tab button and in the drop-down menu next to "In Process Workpiece" I choose "Use 3D".

This is written on the tutorial "In Process Workpiece is a very useful option in NX. The software considers the previous program and generates the current program such that there is no unnecessary cutting motion in the No-material zone.

Then I click on the generate icon and this is the error shown (traslation from Italian): "When a workpiece in 3D manufacturing is used, the operation must inherit a raw geometry from the group of geometries"

What is the problem?

I attached an immage of the error.


I'm sorry if there is some grammatical error. 



Re: error in NX Enviroment

Even though from the structure in your image shows that the operation is inheriting the previous geometry. To make it sure, check workpiece materials defined as mentioned in image. BR,

Re: error in NX Enviroment

It looks like you have a mill-turn setup. It would be less confusing to create a General Setup.

To see some of examples of how to machine a part like this, with or without an IPW, take a look at tme moll contour sample. (From the tutorials page, go to Sample Parts, and select sample_mill_countour_setup_1). Go to the geometry view and expand SEQUENCE_IPW for example.

If you want to try something else, create a general setup, and define the part and blank in the workpiece. Then go to create geometry, and for the Type browse to mold_sequences. Pick workpiece as the location, and you can create some sample processes with multiple operations.   

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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