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getCollJointValue and Synchronization Manager


I am having trouble using Synchronization Manager.  I have an operation that posts a subprogram named TEST.  Inside that subprogram is the anycontroller command getCollJointValue shown below:


    FLOAT fColValueF1;
    fColValueF1 = getCollJointValue("F1", 35, "Table_Parts", "SETUP1");

I can post and simulate this operation on its own and with other operations in the same channel.


When I try posting or simulating with other channels, and the synchronization manager opens, it crashes the manufacturing environment. The issue seems to be the getCollJointValue line, because I can comment that out and it works.  


Any idea what's going on here?



Thank you.


Re: getCollJointValue and Synchronization Manager

If you use SyncManager and have more Channels use

getCollJointValueCh (<RefChannelName>, <strJointName>, <dTargetJointValue>[, <strSelectionType>, <strSelectionIdentifier>])

getCollJointValueCh ("1", "F1",35, "Table_Parts", "SETUP1");

Re: getCollJointValue and Synchronization Manager

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Jesse,


sorry, that you run into that problem. We found that too shortly.

As a fast way of continue I suggest to works with SetStopAtCollision instead of getCollJointValue.

IF you need some help let  me know

A fix of the initial core problem in on his way.


PS: Simulation should work, but starting Synch-Manager will fail.



Thomas Schulz
Siemens PLM
Manufacturing Engineering Software

Re: getCollJointValue and Synchronization Manager


schauerm3: unfortunately that didn't seem to solve it for me.


Thomas:  That worked, thank you.  Certainly a more involved solution.  Any idea when getCollJointValue will work with sync manager?

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