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getLCorrection() returns zero

Hello everyone.


I created mill-turn machine using NX 8.0.3. In simulation process I noticed in G43 metacode getLCorrection() for almost all tools in program returns zero. But when I try to simulate this manufacturing program with OOTB sim15 example getLCorrection() returns correctly value. Please, explain me, why it happens?


Screeshot of Machine Tool Navigator is attached.





Re: getLCorrection() returns zero

Hi undrakot,


please check the following settings:


- are the toolsettings correct? --> unique toolnumber/name, correct adjust register

- is the NC Code correct?  --> correct H call


- GV_bUseSetToolCorrection variable in CSEINitializeChannel method: true/false --> with true the kernel command SetToolCorrection uses the information internally from the tool. Sinumerik works with GV_bUseSetToolCorrection = false, that means that the tooldata are determined from the $TC_DPxx in the to_ini.ini file


- check your toolchange subrpogram related to the anycontroller part. Is your tool active? --> e.g. activateNextTool (sCarrierName)


- check correct carriername




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Re: getLCorrection() returns zero

Hi, Thomas.


Thanks for your reply. This is illogical situation because today I noticed if tool has number less than 4, getLCorrection() working correctly. But If tool number is 4 and more getLCorrection() returns zero. I don't know where can fix it.




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