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hole making NX10 issues


I'm practising with hole making-->hole milling in NX10.


I've observed some issues when the CAD file of the assembly (fixturing system+ workpart+blank) is updated (i.e. changing the relative position of the parts in the assembly).


More in details:

a) I successfully executed the hole milling operation.

b) closing the manufacturing application

c) implementing the modifications in the assembly (without changing the hole like feature)

d) When I open again the manufacturig application I can see the implemented modifications but the CAM is no longer able to recognize the hole-like features. The NX message is "The machining feature is delated, no inprocess feature will be created". WHY DOES THIS ERROR OCCUR?

e) other implemented machining strategies can be succesfully regenerated.

f) the hole-like features are still in the CAD model. Indeed, they can be successfully machined for instance using other milling strategies (i.e. pocket milling). It should mean that the CAM engine can detect the feature.

g) So far I fixed the problem opening again the workpiece part, removing the holes and recreating them another time through the extrusion command. Do you know any other methods to fix the issue?


Many thanks in advance.





Re: hole making NX10 issues

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In general, this should only happen if the design change removed a hole or modified it in such a way that it became a very different hole (e.g. change it from a STEP2HOLE into a STEP1HOLE).


Can you provide a sample that we can look at in a bit more detail?


Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development

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