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hole making question

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I have run into this issue a few times so I would like to ask others how they handle it. Im trying to drill a hole before its actual face / plane exist due to clearance of the spot drill.  In other words… I’m going to face the top of the part, then spot, drill and ream the holes.  Then come back and rough / finish the boss and floor.  Using legacy drill geometry im able to select the hole then set the top of the hole by clicking on the very top of the part where I have machined. 


Using the new hole making I can’t offset the start location of the hole. It believes I have already machined the area where the hole is located.


Any thoughts or workarounds?


using NX



Damian Forsythe
Impact Manufacturing Group
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‎12-01-2016 04:56 PM

Re: hole making question

Hi Damian

I handle this by using IPW settings in my spot drilling operation, if you have blank geometry properly defined in your workpiece then NX will be able to determine whether or not it has to allow for extra stock.




Re: hole making question

Thank you Adiran!!!!!


That did not work because i had started with a countersink operation in order to be able to just type in the desired spot diameter i was after.


I created a new operation using spot drilling and it worked perfect.


I wish Siemens would allow both desired depth and or Diameter as the solutions.


thank you agian for the quick response.


Damian Forsythe
Impact Manufacturing Group

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