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hole milling about iges.



 I uploaded attachments file.


 this modeling made with CAM-TOOL.


 Our customor is Japanese company. anyway.. we handle iges file.


 but NX-CAM is diffcult and inconvenient  about iges file.


 My problem is not select hole.


 Please tell me know how.


 thank you.






Re: hole milling about iges.

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



The problem with this IGES data is that the hole surface is a B-surface and the circles are intersection curves. This makes life difficult.


The recommended solution is to use Synchronous modeling (Optimize Face) and drag select around your part geometry to select all faces. The report (shortened) shows what is happening:




After this, you can use Hole Milling without any difficulties.


Tom van 't Erve

NX CAM Development


Re: hole milling about iges.




 you are the best Smiley Happy


 Thanks to you I can work very comfortably.


 I thought it was the only disadvantage in NX-CAM.


 But, not now because your advise.


 You are my benefactor ^^


 Let me ask you one more.


 Please recommend me drilling method. (this modeling)


 1. hole-making >> spot drilling

 2. drill - spot dirlling.


 Do you want to recommend which one of the two.


 I used the (drill - spot drilling) so far. 


 I mothod is..


 Curve length - simplify curve - creats points.... Smiley Sad


 but if the 100 holes?


 Perhaps I would have a hundred time...


 Please tell me know how.


 Thank you very much.





Re: hole milling about iges.

The operations in hole_making are the best going forward. You will be much better off if you invest your efforts there and not in the legacy drilling operations.
Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

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