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how to adapt existing MCF to handle custom machine kinematics ?




I need to define a custom MCF for my custom machine (X-Y-A-C axes on the workpiece side and Z on the tool side). Currently I used the OOTB cse and post processor files of the sim08 machine and for simple commands (e.g. G0, G1) it works perfectly. However for controller specific commands (e.g. TRAORI ) it does not work (which is pretty obvious). Is it possible to customize the existing MCF of the sim08 for istance to make it work with my custom configuration? It seems that when I open the file in Machine Configurator all the commands, variables and methods cannot be edited. On top of that my Machine Configurator (version does not want to store the path to the xml editor (specified in File/Settings). Could someone clarify these aspects ?







Re: how to adapt existing MCF to handle custom machine kinematics ?

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Hi Oliver,


1.) Modify or using a new MCF file

This is up to you! You can modify the SIM08 MCF file or create a new one and make the same settings as in the Sim08 MCF. My suggestion is to modify the existing one. Within the Sim08 MCF file there a only a few custom settings (General Tab in MC) which can be reused in general. There are no further modifications in commands or methods etc. which influencing the behavior of your custom machine tool. What you can do is to have a naming convention for the MCF file. Which means that you rename the MCF with the name of your machine tool. But this is more cosmetic as a real functional benefit. When you do this you have to reference the MCF in your machine.dat file in the machines main folder.


The second question is which Machine Configurator license do you have? With the Basic lic you can´t add or modify Methods, Commands etc. in MCF file at all. With an advanced license you can add or modify commands and methods. There are different access levels (colored dots) for the existing metacodes (green and yellow = customizable, red = not customizable) 


2.) Customizing existing Metacodes/Commands/Methods

As described above, green and yellow entries can be modified when you have the right license.

Thats the way to do this (exemplarily shown for TRAORI command)

- Go to Commands Tab in MC

- Switch Source to Siemens840D.CCF

- RMB on TRAORI in SiemensCommands group --> copy to current file --> Siemens Commands

- Switch Source to Current File

- Now you are able to customize the Command


Note: If there is no entry for "Copy to Current File" at first you have to create a new Metacode Group --> RMB on Commands Node --> Metacode Group


3.) store XML Editor path

We are aware of this issue. This is due to admin/user restrictions in windows. But you can add the entry manually

Open the following file in your MC install folder ...\Tecnomatix\MachineConfigurator\resource\

and add the editor path manually like this  XML_Editor=C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\XML Notepad 2007\\XmlNotepad.exe

This should work.



When executing TRAORI there is one essential variable setting needed in MC. In Internal Variables Tab --> global Variables --> there is a variable called GV_strSwivelingChainName. This variable holds the name of the kinematic chain which must match the name in the kinematic model. So take care of it. Maybe this could be a reason. For any other issues I need a more specific description what doesn´t work

Re: how to adapt existing MCF to handle custom machine kinematics ?


Hi Thomas, 


Many thanks for you support. Everything works fine now . 



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